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I can never be good enough. The day I think I'm the best is the day I stop improving.

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So it's been a while since I've written an update; almost a year, actually. There's a lot to cover so let's get started.

Life Update

First of all, I've picked up a job in a production facility. I started by pushing, pulling and lifting metal around, and eventually worked my way up to welding. It's very intense and fast physical work, but I'm keeping up... barely. To stack on the good news, my benefits have finally kicked in so I don't have to pay nearly as much for my anti-depressants anymore.

Now for some bad news. While I may have coverage for my medication now, the financial damage from my prescriptions have left me in a crippling amount of debt. So much so that I can't remember the last time I didn't have a negative number in my bank account. Additionally, I've recently ran into some car trouble, and the $360.00 repair bill hit me really hard. But enough about boring financial stuff.

Music Update

Unfortunately my new job has left me with very little energy to work on music. I have made a lot of WIPs, but not very many finished songs. I am participating in the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch again this year. I joined to get back into a composing habit, instead of just collapsing into bed right after work. Here's a link to my first round submission:

Honestly, I was surprised by the amount of positive comments and feedback I received from this song. I had so many ideas that never made it into the final song due to time constraints. I thought no one was going to like it; I guess I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

So what's coming next? Well, I have a lot of projects on the go. This includes a song for an audio drama, a fantasy themed album, and a variety of other commitments. I really want to make a track that combines Synthwave and Cinematic, but we'll have to see. What do you think? More Cinematic, more Synthwave, or something else entirely? Let me know.


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